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I have a Java Class with a method called test: public class MyClass() I can't find any examples of binding a static function of a class and calling. Die Datei "" auf dieser Website lässt nicht zu, dass eine Beschreibung für das Suchergebnis angezeigt wird. Luaj in interpreted mode performs well for the benchmarks, and even better when the lua-to-java-bytecode (luajc) compiler is used, and actually executes faster  ‎ examples · ‎ concepts · ‎ libraries · ‎ luaj api. David Williams 2, 11 45 Make error message handler function in xpcall per-thread instead of per-globals. Add artifacts to Maven central repository. Or try running it using: I have to execute it without passing the object.

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Emira Ademi - Luaj Luaj To install dynamically from lua use java-class-based require The default search path is the current directory, and the math operations include all those supported by Java SE. To compile from lua to Java bytecode for all lua loaded at runtime, install the LuaJC compiler into a globals object use:. Alternatively, to load and call a script instead of a specific named function, you can do the following:. Rochet2 1 4 Developers Name Email Dev Id Roles Organization James Roseborough jim. Also Nathan, Marcus, and Pratik for the crazy hack job with the chainsaw that makes it make it through proguard on Android without warnings. Major refactor of table implementation. From the main distribution directory line type: Add artifacts to Maven central repository. To use them in your maven-based project, list them as a dependency: JFrame", "Texts" ; frame: Add sample code for Applet that uses luaj. Android Android applications should use the JsePlatform, and can include the Luajava library to simplify access to underlying Android APIs. For example, to parse a file and print all variable names, use code like: All standard aspects of script engines including compiled statements are supported. Css by Free CSS Templates. To simplify the creation of abstract syntax trees from lua sources, the LuaParser class is generated as part of the JME build. Luaj Shak Shak me Fruta. You can also use the equivalent syntax: Oct 2, build. Refactor APIs related to compiling and loading scripts to provide methods on Globals. Click on Image to play. Terms Privacy Security Status Help. Improve stability of download locations for third party libs.

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